Digital Warmup Guide

Quickly find inspiration for interactive team activities online

Curated Warmup Activites

that simply work

Growing Collection

of activities to build your toolkit/skillset

Keep your Audience Engaged

in playful ways to strengthen remote collaboration

Gain Confidence

to become a better facilitator in online trainings & workshops

For every occasion the right warmup


... help your team to easily build trust with one another and open the mind for the next activity


... help your team to refuel the batteries in digital meetings by encouraging playful movement


... help your team to create awareness for the group, self and next activity by focussing the mind

About us

Rebekka Alpermann

Rebekka is a musical wonder with a passion for people, innovation and visualization. She thrives when she helps others reach their potential with her sparkling personality. She has massive experience working in diverse groups creating innovative and implementable solutions for both social and private sector problems.

My favourite warm-up is Instant Story
because it helps to open the idea space within a group right away and playfully.

Maximilian Schall

Max loves the intersection of new and modern digital technologies and human-centered design. He has an incredible talent at building digital solutions quickly and values user experience as a guiding design principle.

My favourite warm-up is Instant Story
because it helps me to think out of the box.

Norman Nemitz

Norman is a playful workshop host, digital innovator and co-author of multiple collaboration tools such as the "Digital Warmup Guide" and the "Lean Action Canvas".
His mission is to connect people playfully in the digital space to accelerate teamwork.

My favourite warm-up is Touching Hands
because it helps breaking the ice by "a human touch" in any meeting constellation.

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