What Changed?

Guess what changed quickly.


Set up breakout rooms for 1:1 interactions of participants, e.g., 5 breakout rooms á 2 people in a group of 10. In the following exercise, you will find yourself in a breakout session with another person

What I want you to do is

1. (1min) Look at each other silently for 1min. Try to look for details.

2. (2min) Everyone turns off your camera. You now have to change 3x things about yourself or the room you are in. E.g., put on glasses, change shirt, replace a plant in the background.

3. (5min) After 2min turn back on your cameras. One person starts guessing what changed about the other person or background. Afterward, everything has been identified the other person starts guessing as well.

4. You can use the remaining time for getting to know each other and exchange


This warmup activity aims to practice your observation and attention skills in a fun way. At the same time, you can focus your attention on one person at a time, getting to know each other better.