Touching Hands

Building human connection in virtual meetings in an instance


Before we get started, I want you to change your view in the video tool to "gallery view."

What I want you to do is

1. Position yourself close to your webcam

2. Lift your hands and try to find and touch the outer sides of your camera frame.

3. Realize that you are touching the hands of your (virtual) neighbors to the left and right.

4. Start to clap hands with your neighbors to your left and right

5. Increase the speed of clapping hands with your (virtual neighbors)

6. Decrease the speed of clapping hands with your (virtual neighbors) until your hands are just touching each other again.


Thank you! You can now take your hands down again. Many people are missing the human connection in the digital space. This warmup helps to increase the awareness of one another in virtual meetings. We are in this digital space together, and it allows human touchpoint as well. Further, you can use gestures to express yourself.