Prototype your superhero costume


All you need for this activity is prototyping material - anything you have available nearby e.g., paper, scissors, etc.

What I want you to do is

1. (1min) Close your eyes and think about your individual superpower(s). If you were to create your superhero costume, how would it look?

2. (5min) Open your eyes: You will now have 5min to prototype your superhero costume with the materials nearby, e.g., paper, scissors, etc. There are no limits to your creativity. E.g., you can create a wig, put elements on your arms, etc.

Optional: I will play some music to inspire you (e.g., Superman theme song "Superman" by John Williams on Youtube)

3. (1min) Time is up; let's look at your superhero costumes + take a picture

Break the group into small breakout sessions 2-3 people

4. (5min) In your breakout sessions, present your costumes. Give each other equal time to share and ask questions. Have fun.


This warmup activity aims to practice your creative prototyping skills and reflect upon and share your superpowers individually and among the group. It serves as a queue for future conversations.