Body Warm-Up Suitcase

Check-in with the body, brain and releasing creativity


Sitting all day in front of a computer is not healthy—time to move the body. The following exercise follows the logic of "I pack my suitcase", which you might know already.

What I want you to do is

1. (30sec) Individually think of a short and easy movement or gesture

2. One person starts sharing their movement as follows "I pack my body suitcase and take with me ..." (for instance a waving hand)

3. Everyone else does the movement introduced.

4. The next participant continues with, "I pack my body suitcase and take with me ..." doing all movements introduced previously and adds their own at the end.

5. Everyone does the movements as well to internalize them

6. Continue until everyone introduced a body gesture or movement to the suitcase

Help each other out if someone does not remember all previous gestures or movements


This energizer helps us get in touch with our bodies and build connections with one another through movement.